ECE 454/554 - Introduction to Bioelectrics

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The topics of 'Bioelectrics' are diverse and many. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a course, which introduces students into the subject. Since a comprehensive treatment of the fast moving field is impossible, the course intends to lay a foundation, that will allow biology and engineering students to coomunicate effectively with each other. Equipped with a basic knowledge of the biological and engineering concepts of biolectrical phenomena, the electrical activity, diagnostic and stimulation of the heart will be discussed in greater depth as a selected important 'main-stream' example. In the last part of the course, selected current resarch topics of Bioelectrics are introduced. In particular during this last section, guest-speakers - experts in their respective fields - will give the individual lectures. However, also for earlier sections, guests from Eastern Virginia Medical School and the Computational Research Group are invited for keynote lectures.

Typical topics to be covered include:

  • Electrical characteristics of excitable and bon-excitable cells
  • Propagation of electrical stimuli in nerves and muscles
  • Circuit representations of cells
  • Electrical models for signal-propagation
  • Approaches for modeling of bioelectrical systems
  • Experimental techniques (e.g. patch-clamp)
  • Health risks of cell phone use
  • Electrocardiography, cardiac pacing and defibrillation
  • Electrotherapies for injuries (e.g. of the spinal cord)
  • Plasma medicine
  • Electroporation therapies (e.g. for gene transfer)
  • Manipulation of cells and tissues by nanosecond pulsed electric fields (e.g. as cancer therapy)

Contributers/Guest-Speakers Fall 2009:

  • Dr. Andrei Pakhomov, Center for Bioelectrics, ODU
  • Dr. Ravindra Joshi, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering, ODU
  • Dr. Stephen Beebe, Center for Bioelectrics, ODU
  • Dr. Frank Lattanzio, Dept. Pharmacology, EVMS
  • Dr. Mounir Laroussi, Laser and Plasma Institute, ODU
  • Dr. Loree Heller, Center for Bioelectrics, ODU
  • Dr. Karl Schoenbach, Center for Bioelectrics, ODU
  • Dr. Shu Xiao, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering, ODU

Topics/Chapters Fall 2009

1   Aug 31 Electrical Properties of Cells, Tissues, Organs - Overview, Introduction and History: Phenomena and Mechanisms, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
2   Sep 2 Biological and Engineering Fundamentals: Morphology and Physiology of Cells, Biological Membranes, Tissues and Organs, Excitable and Non-Excitable Cells
3   Sep 9 Biological and Engineering Fundamentals: Electric Circuits and Signals; Circuit Representation of Cells; Electrically Small vs Large Cells
4   Sep 14 Bulk Dielectric Characteristic of Cells and Tissues: Permittivity, Conductivity; Dielectric Spectroscopy, Electrophoresis, Applications for Cancer Diagnostics
5   Sep 16 Electrical Properties of Cell Membranes: Resting Potential, Nemst Equation, Ion Flow (Channels, Gates, Pumps), Goldman-Hodgkin-Katz Equation
6   Sep 21 Active Behavior of Cell Membranes: Action Potential, Nerve Conduction, Hodgkin-Huxley Membrane Model, Experimental Approaches: Patch-Clamp
7   Sep 23 Modeling of Electric Cell Characteristics: Equivalent Circuit Models, Electronic Modeling of Excitable Tissue (Lewis Model)
8   Sep 28 Electronic Modeling of Cell Membranes: Axon Cable Models, Modeling Approaches: Distributed Circuit Models, Molecular Dynamics Simulations
-   Sep 30 TEST #1
10   Oct 5 Functional Electric Stimulation: Electrotherapy of Muscles and Nerve Fibers
11   Oct 7 Electrotherapy in Wound Healing
12   Oct 14 Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart
13   Oct 19 Electrical Activity and Activation of the Heart
14   Oct 21 Theoretical Methods of Analyzing Volume Sources, forward/inverse problem, Miller-Geselowitz Model, Einthoven triangle, Gabor-Nelson Theorem
15   Oct 26 The Normal and Abnormal EKG
16   Oct 28 Cardiac Pacing, Cardiac Defibrillation
17   Nov 2 Electrical Accidents and Injuries
18   Nov 4 TEST #2
19   Nov 9 Electrically Induced Interactions with Cells and Tissues: Plasma, Microwaves/RF-Stimulation, 'Long' vs 'Short' Pulsed Electric Fields, Magnetic Stimulation, ELF-Effects
20   Nov 11 Health Effects from Cell Phones and other Radiofrequency Transmitters
21   Nov 16 Plasma-Cell Interactions and Applications
22   Nov 18 Plasma Medicine
23   Nov 23 "Long" Pulsed Electric Fields - Electroporation
24   Nov 30 Electroporation: Applications for 'Drug Delivery, Gene Therapy
25   Dec 2 Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields - Intracellular Electroeffects
26   Dec 7 Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields: Cancer Therapies, Wound Healing
27   Dec 9 Picosecond High Voltage Pulses for Therapy and Diagnostic
28   Dec 18 TEST #3

Juergen Kolb, July 2009

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